About Mac Daddy All-Stars

Mac Daddy All-Stars are a nationally competing team from Omaha, Nebraska. Looking to set the example as a team with good sportsmanship, attitude and work ethic, the team got involved with tournament paintball in 2005 as the Disposable Heroes. Since then, the team has grown into a strong family and tournament team built on a bond of fraternal love both on and off the field. Mac Daddy All-Stars compete locally, regionally and nationally and as Disposable Heroes were ranked 6th out of 200+ teams worldwide with Paintball Sports Promotions (PSP) in Division 4 5-Man in 2006. In 2007 the Disposable Heroes underwent a significant transformation with team changes, new sponsors, new players, and a revised roster.

The Disposable Heroes is being rebirthed as the Mac Daddy All-Stars their new team brand aligned with their new market-based strategy for increased exposure, sponsorship awareness, and team-supported sponsor sales. Mac Daddy All-Stars will be competing in PSP events in the 2011 Season. The team is playing and practicing diligently and look forward to a great finish in the 2011 season. They are practicing locally with (Div. II 5-man PSP Champions), Vicious (PSP Pro) and various other nationally and locally competing teams. The Mac Daddy All-Stars aim to compete at the highest level possible, work hard to achieve their goals, to promote paintball in a positive light and have a great time with friends and family. The team is committed, determined, and have the heart and soul to attain where they want to be by working hard, playing professionally, and winning the game they love. Mac Daddy All-Stars is dedicated to the highest levels of professionalism both on and off camera.

All team members adhere to a conduct guide and are held accountable as teammates and family members by their fellow team members. Mac Daddy All-Stars are dedicated to the paintball family and surrounding communities. Their goal is to represent their sponsors in a positive light at all local, regional, and national events as well as off the field. Not just satisfied with being a top finishing paintball team, their goal is to be a top team from the start of the season.